Welcome to the USS Athena!

Goddess Athena fighting together with a Starfleet Officer. Created by AI

"Athena's Song" by H.D.


...I, Athena,
speak of the steel of courage, and the blade
of the warrior, and the shield of the hero...

In 2387 the Hobus star went super-nova, destroying the worlds of Romulus and Remus with it. The Romulan Empire was plunged into chaos. It is now 2390 and the resulting chaos has spread over the Beta Quadrant.

The Federation, staying true to their ideals and tries to help the survivors rebuild. Their help has been welcomed by most Romulans.

The Klingon Empire is strained. The government honors their word of their alliance with the Federation, but in the meantime offers no aid to the Romulans. Another faction of Klingons, calling themselves “The Blade of T’Kuvma”, seeks glory and has launched a campaign against their life-long enemy in their weakened state.

The Tal’Shiar has always had its own plans for the Romulan Empire. In the wake of the destruction, they look to remake the Empire with their designs in mind. They help those Romulans who bend a knee. The others, they leave in poverty and ruin.

And a fifth group watches quietly from the shadows. A group for 200 years no one has thought about. They were given a choice by their respective governments to disrupt their lives and be relocated or be left alone to fend for themselves between two ‘lines’ their governments arbitrarily drew, the Neutral Zone. They chose to fend for themselves. Now they watch and they wait, patiently.

Come join the crew of the USS Athena during this trying new age!

USS Athena is a quasi-AU Abrems’verse journey through the Trek Universe. Due to potential mature content and themes, the Athena is rated 18+.

Sim Rating sign 18+

Latest News Items

» Can She Fix It? Yes, She Can!

Posted on Mon Apr 22nd, 2024 @ 10:43am by Captain Paul Griffon in General News

Hey all,

Please join me in welcome Cass, a.k.a. Paisley "mUra" F'Rar, our new Chief Engineer. Once we get some final tweaks done with her character, we'll get her into the thick of things!

Welcome aboard Cass!

Captain Griffon

» Yes, there is a doctor in the house

Posted on Sun Apr 14th, 2024 @ 7:47pm by Captain Paul Griffon in Sim Announcement

Hi all,

Please welcome Deb, a.k.a. Doctor Kaori Sato, our new Chief Medical Officer. We will be getting her into the flow of things this week.

Welcome Aboard Doctor!

Captain Griffon

» LCARS update 3/31/24

Posted on Sun Mar 31st, 2024 @ 9:10am by Captain Paul Griffon in Website Update

Hi all,

Wanted to let you know that I have done some work on the LCARS database:

1. Added the category Groups & Governments
2. Added a page under Groups & Governments called, 'Blade of T'Kuvma'.
3. The most fun of all, I added Lt. Showei's theme song and his parrot Polly's theme song to the ship's playlist.

More to come. And as always, if you have an idea for a category or page, let us know.

Captain Griffon
Commanding Officer

» Welcome Aboard!

Posted on Sun Mar 17th, 2024 @ 7:22pm by Captain Paul Griffon in Sim Announcement

Hi all,

Please welcome Thom, a.k.a. Lieutenant Osher Showei, our new Chief of Operations. I look forward to bringing Thom into the fold. Welcome aboard Thom!

Commander Griffon

» Welcome aboard!

Posted on Mon Mar 4th, 2024 @ 2:29pm by Captain Paul Griffon in General News

Hey all,

Please welcome Glenn who will be playing the Chief Security / 2nd Officer. Once he has a few tweaks on his character done, we'll be getting him into the game.

Welcome aboard Glenn!

Captain Griffon
Commanding Officer

Latest Mission Posts

» Subterfuge at the Asteroid Belt

Mission: Rescue Interruptus
Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2024 @ 10:54am by AImee & Ensign Eimi Santiago

Eimi filtered out of the meeting she followed after a few others. As she did, a odd tune started to ramble around her head. We represent the Lollipop Guild. The Lollipop Guild. the Lollipop Guild and in the name of the Lollipop Guild. We wish to welcome you to Munchkin Land. She had…

» Securing the Planet (Part II)

Mission: Rescue Interruptus
Posted on Mon May 20th, 2024 @ 10:43pm by Lieutenant Scion & Lieutenant Bryan Mundy

Scion headed for the transporter room to beam down, hoping she had everything she'd need. However, she'd learned long ago that preparation was vital, but you always had to be ready for the unexpected, and there were far too many variables that could affect how this assignment went.

When he…

» New Possibilities

Mission: Rescue Interruptus
Posted on Thu May 9th, 2024 @ 3:04pm by Commander Lucy Sharpe & Captain Paul Griffon

With his arms behind him, Griffon stared out the window of his ready room. The meeting he had been in with the other captain's had presented him with an opportunity. His plans to meet with the higher-ups had been complicated, perhaps a touch too complicated. Now he had other options…

» Hitching a ride

Mission: Rescue Interruptus
Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2024 @ 11:48am by Lieutenant Kaori Sato


“Oyasumi o bāchan” Kaori bowed to her Grandmother on the view screen.
(Goodnight Grandmother)

“Shin'ainaru jibun o daiji ni shite, watashi ga itta koto o kangaete kudasai
(Take care of yourself dear and think about what I said)

The transmission cut between them and she leaned back in the…

» Securing the Planet (Part I)

Mission: Rescue Interruptus
Posted on Sat Apr 20th, 2024 @ 6:48am by Lieutenant Scion & Lieutenant Bryan Mundy

Outside the briefing room, Mundy headed towards the Intel chief to introduce himself. He walked up to her. "Excuse me. I'm Lieutenant Bryan Mundy, the ship's new chief of security. I wanted to introduce myself since you are the Intel chief and, in the future, we might find ourselves working…